About Us


The Boyfriends Closet, a place to shop your boyfriends clothes without the baggage of the boy. 

The concept of the company came from every girls love of stealing their boyfriends baggy tee.

It’s no shock that women’s clothing are fitted, and often extremely uncomfortable. Most simple tees are tapered in at the tummy, and frankly 360 days of the year I don’t want something touching my tummy. The other 5 days I’m too lazy to even get dressed. Men’s clothes aren’t built that way though. They’re baggy and comfy. Why not just shop men’s tees? Well you can, here. All of our products unless specifically noted are men’s clothing. For ease of shopping I list both the men’s and the women’s size.

Now BOYS don’t be scared, you’re also welcome here. Us ladies need something to steal from your closet as well. Feel free to shop here with no judgement, regardless of your pronoun. 


I know there’s a stigma around shopping used or vintage. Frankly I think everyone is just jealous of your great vintage style. Here are some amazing reasons why you should ignore the haters and shop wherever you damn well want too.

1. You’re less likely to come dressed exactly like someone else. Vintage allows you to have a unique sense of style, that likely won’t be recreated by your buddies. Especially if you shop a reverse tie dye shirt. We do it in house, and it’s custom every single time.

2.  You’re helping the environment. It’s eco friendly to buy vintage! Fast fashion & clothing production has a huge pollution output. Trust me, google it you’ll be shocked. 

3. You’re saving awesome retro clothing from making its way to the landfill. 

4. You’re buying better quality. You know that saying “they don’t make it like they used too”. Well frankly we believe that saying to be true. Older clothes are just made better. That’s a personal opinion. If you disagree, then you’ll be happy to know we sometime also sell new. 

5. You’re celebrating history! Styles come in and out whether you’re paying attention or not. Your new to you, retro band tee is celebrating a style that once was, and you’re bringing back. 


Hey! That’s me! Lynette.
A women fed up with women’s clothes, and always fussing with them. I’ve honestly shopped the mens section for tees, hoodies, and grandpa knits for years. I strongly believe that every person should be confident in what they wear. Regardless of the the gender on the tag.

Summary of my life.
I moved from Canada to England when I was 18 by myself. 
I moved back to Canada 2 years later.
I attended Fanshawe College for Interior Decorating in 2016. 
The day I finished college I started a job as a kitchen designer at a custom cabinet company. 
Found out that company was full of stuffy old men. 
I learned I don’t like stuffy old men telling me what to do and what not to do all day.

Decided to change my life. 

I became a boss babe and created my own company, The Boyfriends Closet. 


Contact us directly by email: thebfsclosetshop@gmail.com

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday from 9am to 3pm